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  • CF6 AD Calls For Inspection Changes
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 2:20 PM on Jun 09, 2010

    FAA issued an airworthiness directive (AD-12-10) today for GE CF6-45 and -50 engines that changes the inspection requirements of a previous AD (2010-06-15), which took effect April 1. The FAA altered the directive based on two more low-pressure turbine rotor stage 3 disk events--bringing the total to five.

    Basically, the AD issued today requires the same inspections but at reduced intervals, and it also mandates more borescope and exhaust gas temperature checks. 

    The AD takes effect on June 24. "Since an unsafe condition exists that requires the immediate adoption of this AD, we have found that notice and opportunity for public comment before issuing this AD are impracticable," states the FAA.

    CF6-45 and -50 engines power Boeing 747-200/-300, DC-10, MD-10 and KC-10 aircraft; as well as Airbus A300s.

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