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  • SR Technics Almost Finished Defining New Strategy
    Posted by Frank Jackman 11:27 AM on Jul 17, 2008

    SR Technics, now under the leadership of former MTU and Honeywell executive Bernd Kessler, is nearing the end of a strategy definition process. Kessler, who took over at SR Technics as CEO at the beginning of the year, expects the definition process to be completed by the end of the month. The strategy will then be presented to the board and, if approved, implementation will begin right away. One of the first things Kessler did when he started at SRT was to launch a Lean Six Sigma program and to create an office of Continuous Improvement that reports to him. Among the challenges facing Kessler as he moves forward is that the company's three primary facilities are  located in relatively high cost areas: Zurich, Dublin and Stansted.

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