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  • Choosing the Right RFID Tag
    Posted by KristinMajcher 10:15 PM on Feb 22, 2012

    Back in Jan., O&M featured RFID TagSource’s AeroTag ST as one of our top 10 technologies to watch for 2012. This tag serves the very specialized function of flying on an aircraft engine, but this is just one way to utilize the information stored on an RFID tag's chip. There are many other types of tags that have different designs, specifications and price points. But what is the relationship between how a tag functions and how much it costs?  Kevin Donahue, the managing director of the tag distributor and manufacturer, shows several different examples in the video below. I should also note that Donahue has penned the Viewpoint column for the March issue of O&M, which sheds some light on the complicated task of testing RFID tags to aerospace industry standards. That issue comes out at the beginning of March, but you can enjoy the video right now. 

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