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  • NTSB: Fan Mid-shaft Fracture Caused 787 GEnx Incident
    Posted by Sean Broderick 11:55 AM on Aug 08, 2012

    NTSB just released its second update on the July 28 contained failure of a GEnx engine on a Boeing 787 undergoing pre-delivery testing in Charleston, S.C. Says the board:

    As a result of the investigative work to date, the NTSB has determined that a fan mid-shaft on the failed GEnx engine fractured at the forward end of the shaft, rear of the threads where the retaining nut is installed. The fan mid-shaft is undergoing several detailed examinations including dimensional and metallurgical inspections. 

    Plenty more to come from the rest of the Aviation Week team.

    Tags: om99, Boeing, 787, GE

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