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  • Teardown Report #37 MROAM Follow Friday
    Posted by KristinMajcher 3:42 PM on Mar 30, 2012

    Welcome to the Teardown Report, readers! Thanks so much for taking some time out of your busy schedule to read the blog today. Many of us are busy preparing for the MRO Americas Conference & Exhibition next week, which is set to be the largest MRO conference we have seen yet. Our events team says it is expecting to see close to 8,000 people walking the halls of the Dallas Convention Center throughout next week to attend three co-located events: the Engine MRO Forum, MRO Americas and MRO Military. Each of those links will take you to respective schedules, and I hope it helps with your planning.

    The event will not only be bigger than last year in terms of people attending, but the social media activity in Dallas is already shaping up to be stronger than it ever has before. I advise you to follow the #MROAM hashtag on twitter to keep up with news from all three events, including the award winners of the MRO of the Year Award and the A4A Nuts and Bolts Awards on Tuesday. I will also be reporting the analysis from the MRO forecast on Tuesday afternoon, so please stick around for that.

    Along with tweeting, reporting and blogging daily from the conference sessions, I will be taking a look around the exhibition hall for the most interesting innovations out on the floor. Please do let me know if you’ll be preparing an especially great booth, and our team will stop by to take a look. Along with following the #MROAM tag, there will also be news happening at the general MRO conversation tag, #AVMRO.

    Now, I know that there are some people out there who are thinking, “I’ve never tweeted before, let alone tried it at an event where there are a million things going on!” Well, you’re not alone. There are many new faces using the #MROAM tag this year. If you have any questions about guidelines, I recommend checking out Steve Buttry’s great blog post, “Suggestions (but not standards) for live tweeting.” He packs a lot of suggestions into one post, but most of them hit the nail on the head.

    The pieces of advice I found especially useful were the ones about doing research in advance and being sure to attribute all of the speakers quoted during the conference. And, of course, checking the hashatags regularly to see who else is talking. I also liked his tip about being sure to include some conversational tweets into the mix that document the feel of the event itself.

    I should note that there will be a twitter “wall” up at the conference, which is essentially a huge screen tracking the #MROAM hashtag and any mentions of the event. Wi-fi will be available during the conference if you’d like to tweet during the sessions.

    You can join the conversation whether you are at the conference or seeing the news unfold from home on the #MROAM tag. Wondering who to follow? Here’s a handy list of some key AvWeek tweeters, and a snapshot of what other attendees are saying. Thanks to @AvWeekRupa for helping compile the list.

    Aviation Week Tweeters

    Rupa Haria, Aviation Week’s online community manager: @AvWeekRupa

    Lee Ann Tegtmeier, Editor-In-Chief of Overhaul & Maintenance: @AvWeekMRO

    Joe Anselmo, managing editor at Aviation Week @AvWeekJoe

    Aviation Week events team: @AvWeekEvents, @AWyss, @AvWeekHelen

    General Aviation Week news account: @AviationWeek

    And, of course, you can follow me at @AvWeekKristin

    Here is snapshot of some of the other users posting with the #MROAM tag already.

    blog post photo

    Now you have the agendas and our editoral team to follow. What else is there to bookmark? Well, there are a few key pages related to the Aviation Week events that you may want to make note of.

    First of all, Aviation Week has a special event page specifically for the #MROAM event here, which will be live starting Monday. You can also interact with other social networks. Here are just a few:


    MRO Americas LinkedIn Page

    MRO Engine Forum LinkedIn Page

    MRO Military LinkedIn Page


    Aviation Week Civil News Page

    Aviation Week Topic Page

    Lanyrd (A social conference directory)

    MRO Americas event page

    Twubs (A site that makes it easier to find hashtags. Thanks @Avwikinomics for creating the page!)

    #MROAM Twubs page

    I think that covers most of the social media information for the show. However, there is one more great conference feature I wanted to point out. As you know, the show will be taking place at the Dallas Convention Center (@DallasCCenter). When I went looking for a floorplan of the facility earlier, I noticed this very cool 3D tour of the building and checked it out. It is actually quite helpful in learning about the layout of the facility before those 8,000 people show up.

    blog post photo

    Credit: Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau

    A fun  piece of trivia I learned from the tour: The Dallas Convention Center boasts a huge elevated vertiport! How appropriate for an aviation event, right? The 169,200 sq. ft. space is large enough for five helicopters and two vertical take-off-and-landing aircraft to use the space at once. Of course, this discovery begs the question: Will any conference attendees fly in style to the show on their rotorcraft? I can’t wait to find out.

    If you are traveling to Dallas next week, safe travels. If not, please follow us on Twitter and let us know if you have any questions about the event. See you in Texas! 

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