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  • Mechanic Shortage
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 4:00 PM on Nov 18, 2011

    Roberto Kriete, president of the ALTA, thinks regulations in the Latin American and Caribbean hinder airlines in the region.

    In a speech he delivered to ALTA's Airline Leaders Forum, he thinks the lack of harmonized regulations in the region adds cost to airlines operating in Latin America and puts them at a disadvantage, compared to European airlines, for instance.

    An ALTA press release states "This is particularly important given that there are significant pilot and mechanic shortages in certain countries. Companies from the Middle East, for example, recruit pilots from the region, while sometimes it is difficult for Latin American carriers to contract pilots from abroad, including neighboring countries."

    ALTA points out that there are 40 territories and countries--each with its own regulations--in the region. 

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