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  • #Top10MROs Countdown
    Posted by Elyse Moody 1:37 PM on May 26, 2011

    Every other year, O&M's June issue brings you a list of the Top 10 MROs in the world, based on total airframe maintenance, third-party maintenance and revenue. This year's edition will come out next Wednesday, June 1.

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    [Photo credit: AFI KLM E&M]

    For the 2011 installment, we've decided to make things more interactive for you. Starting June 1, you'll find a host of features on AviationWeek.com/om. In addition to the cover story I've written for the magazine, Editor in chief Lee Ann Tegtmeier will give you an online-only exclusive Q&A with our top company's CEO. And Assistant Editor Kristin Majcher has helmed our Web efforts to bring you an interactive map, video, and photos in the MRO gallery.

    We'll also host a tweetup on June 10 at 10am, using the hashtag #Top10MROs. Start keeping track of us (@AvWeekMRO, @AvWeekKristin, @AvWeekElyse, @AvWeekFrank, @AvWeekRupa) now so that you can join in the discussion. And please get your questions and comments ready. We'd love to hear your feedback for the 2013 edition!

    You can see the 2009 Top 10 list here.

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