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  • Industry Analysts See Growth Opportunity in UAV Sustainment
    Posted by Michael Bruno 10:30 AM on Apr 13, 2011

    While annual sustainment spending for U.S. manned fighters will remain around $1 billion or even decline for the rest of the decade, UAS sustainment will grow to nearly $3 billion a year by 2018, according to Hal Chrisman, a principal at AeroStrategy. Moreover, operators are beginning to look for alternative providers to the original equipment manufacturers, he says. For example, Debra Tune, principal deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for installations, energy and logistics, told Aviation Week’s MRO Military conference in Miami Beach that the armed service would like competition for sustaining an unidentified UAS ISR effort as it has been sole-sourced. Now that "affordability" is driving the Pentagon’s budget-making, the Air Force is looking for more competition for sustainment of the combat capabilities that were quickly stood up for Iraq and Afghanistan operations.

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