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  • MRO Newcomer Subjected To Personality Testing #MROAM
    Posted by Jim Asker 5:14 PM on Apr 17, 2013

    Supply chain management and Lean are hardly the sort of specialities one would expect to prompt an employer to plumb a prospective employee's deep psyche, but Nordam's Julian Morgan says he was subjected to thorough "personality testing" before he landed a job in supply chain management there two years ago.

    Fluent in Six Sigma and deeply experienced in negotiating win-win outcomes with his industrial partners at a fast-moving consumer goods company, Morgan would have thought that that experience to be enough. But he learned that aviation and aerospace--where unit numbers are much smaller, products vastly more complicated, lead times for parts much longer and the cost of a delay much higher--expect far, far more of their supply chain managers. Hence the extensive psychological testing, Morgan dead-panned to an audience at MRO Americas in Atlanta.

    "I passed the personality testing," Morgan joked, "by learning to say, 'I'm Julian. I manage supply chain. And it's ALL my fault." 

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