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  • Losing 75% Of Suppliers Overnight #AvMRO
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 12:27 PM on Mar 13, 2013

    It's been almost one year (March 19) since Aveos Fleet Performance abruptly shuttered its doors, leaving Air Canada without maintenance.

    Did you know that Aveos completed 75% of Air Canada's maintenance before the MRO abruptly shuttered its door on March 19 last year? Imagine losing 75% of your suppliers overnight -- and having millions of dollars of aircraft, engines and components locked up, beyond your reach. 

    It gets worse "because it represented 75% of our workload AND 75% of our processes,” says Alan Butterfield, Air Canada’s VP maintenance and engineering, who just received Aviation Week's MRO Laureate on March 7. Because Aveos controlled the airline's technical data and records, Air Canada was also left without a way to create work orders for the components in its possession.

    Air Canada, Alan and his team really accomplished amazing things to not only keep the airline running but improve its maintenance and engineering processes at the same time. That's no small feat.

    Congratulations Alan on receiving the MRO Laureate Award!

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