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  • Honeywell Brakes for Quantas A380s
    Posted by Gail K. Warner 4:28 PM on Feb 09, 2010

    Honeywell recently announced a wheel and brake carbon material contract with Qantas for A380s.  Honeywell will provide wheels and brake materials for Qantas’ fleet of six A380s, as well as 14 additional aircraft orders. Financials were not disclosed.

    According to Mike Madsen, Vice President of Airlines at Honeywell Aerospace.  “This agreement ensures that Qantas gets predictable maintenance expenses and parts when they need them most, minimizing operational disruptions and lowering operating costs.”

    This A380 Material Cost Per Aircraft Landing (MCPAL) agreement provides Qantas with the aftermarket support and consigned wheel and brake component parts required to maintain and operate their A380 wheels and brakes. Honeywell’s Carbenix® friction material expertise, titanium braking components and patented anti-oxidant protection are utilized to enhance the operational performance and service life of the integrated A380 wheel and brake system.

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