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  • Lufthansa Technik's New Nacelle MRO
    Posted by KristinMajcher 5:12 PM on Nov 21, 2011

    Lufthansa Technik had some big MRO news at the Dubai Airshow last week, but all of the news of orders and acquisitions may have overshadowed it. For those of you who may have missed it, the MRO has formed a new company headquartered in Dubai called Lufthansa Technik Middle East Services (LTMES).  Part of this venture will be a new repair operation that includes capabilities for fan reversers, inlet cowls and fan cowls.

    Lufthansa Technik is pushing the idea of a “one-stop shop” mentality for the new business and says that customers in the Middle East will enjoy speedier nacelle repair service and parts support that is tailored just for their needs. The MRO says it is well on its way to doing just that.

    “Here we’ve got all the contact partners for sales, logistics, component areas and even Lufthansa Technical Training under just one roof,” says LTMES’ managing director Ziad al Hazmi in a company statement.  

    Spares support will also likely benefit from having the company in the Middle East, as the MRO will be able to offer services at the new facility. Al Hazmi says that the company is considering “adding other products” to the new market.

    It will be interesting to see which capabilities LTMES chooses to ramp up with. Last year, Lufthansa Technik Shenzhen added a new Engine Parts & Accessories Repair (EPAR) product to service the Asian market, and it focused on the IAE V2500 engine. What do you think will be the big opportunities for repair in the Middle East? Consider Emirates’ new orders for Boeing 777-300ERs.

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