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  • FAA Issues 12 ADs
    Posted by Elyse Moody 4:22 PM on Sep 25, 2007

    Sept. 21 was a busy day for FAA regulations. Since it's quite a long list, I'm going to list the aircraft affected (with links to the new regulations for each). For more information, you can check out the full story on our MRO channel.

    Boeing Model 737-600, -700, -700C, -800, -900 and -900ER Series airplanes (here)

    Boeing Model 747 airplanes (here)

    Turbomeca S.A. Artouste III B, Artouste III B1 and Artouste III D Turboshaft engines (here)

    SICMA Aero Seat 50XXX passenger seats (here)

    Boeing Model 747-100, 747-100B, 747-100B SUD, 747-200B, 747-200C, 747-200F, 747-300, 747SR and 747SP Series airplanes (here)

    Societe de Motorisations Aeronautiques (SMA) SR305-230 and SR305-230-1 reciprocating engines (here)

    Airbus Model A300-600R Series and Model A310-300 Series airplanes (here)

    DG Flugzeugbau GmbH Model DG-1000T Gliders (here)

    Pilatus Aircraft Limited Midel PC-6 Series airplanes (here)

    McDonnell Douglas Model MD-10-10F and MD-10-30F, Model MD-11 and MD-11F, and Model 717-200 airplanes (here

    McDonnell Douglas Model MD-11, MD-11F, DC-10-10, DC-10-10F, DC-10-15, DC-10-30, DC-10-30F (KC-10A and KDC-10), DC-10-40, DC-10-40F, MD-10-10F and MD-10-30F airplanes (here)

    Correction: Boeing Model 747 airplanes (here)

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