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  • BA Expands Airbus A318 Coating Trial To Boeing 777
    Posted by Robert Wall 1:58 PM on Dec 29, 2011

    Having completed a round of trials of a new, lower fuel-burn coating on an Airbus A318 flying between London City and New York, British Airways is now making good on its promise to extend the application to its 777 fleet.

    During the initial round of trials, BA applied the coating to only one A318, leaving the second untreated to compare fuel burn figures on the LCY-JFK routing.

    Even though the application is being expended to 777s, the effort will remain in a trial period, for now. The
    so called TripleO coating is going onto a single 777-200. BA is hoping it will yield £100,000 in annual savings on the aircraft. If that is accurate, a wider application looms.

    blog post photo
    (Photo: British Airways)

    After the aircraft is properly cleaned, the coating, designed to last two years, is applied over the paint and other elements, to smooth the surface and reduce drag. The resulting fuel burn improvement is apparently enough to offset the weight of the coating.

    BA notes there are other benefits, reducing dirt buildup and protecting paint, reducing the among of cleaning and repainting required

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