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  • Comment Period Extended For Icing Conditions NPRM
    Posted by Elyse Moody 5:46 PM on Aug 30, 2010

    FAA doubled the comment period for the icing conditions NPRM it issued June 29 through Wednesday, Sept. 29, at the request of Bombardier and Turbomeca, the agency says today.

    According to FAA, "The proposed regulations would improve safety by addressing supercooled large drop icing conditions for transport category airplanes most affected by these icing conditions, mixed phase and ice crystal conditions for all transport category airplanes, and supercooled large drop, mixed phase, and ice crystal icing conditions for all turbine engines."

    Submit your comments on Docket Number FAA—2010–0636 by Sept. 29. Instructions on how to submit comments and the full text of the notice are available here.

    O&M also will feature an in-depth look into deicing regulations and trends in our October article, which we're hard at work putting together here in DC.

    Here's a striking deicing photograph we recently received from Peter Hansen at Airport Terminal Services in St. Louis, Mo.:

    blog post photo[Photo: Airport Terminal Services]


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