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  • EASA Emergency AD: A330/A340 Hydraulic Valves
    Posted by Sean Broderick 7:07 PM on Oct 13, 2009

    EASA today issued an emergency AD ordering Airbus A330 and A340 operators to inspect hydraulic system pressure manifold check valves and, in some cases, swap them out. From the AD:
    An A330 operator experienced a low level of the Yellow hydraulic circuit due to a loose of check valve part number (P/N) CAR401. During the inspection on the other two hydraulic systems, the other three CAR401 check valves were also found to be loose with their lock wire broken in two instances. 
    EASA is giving operators 28 days or 100 cycles from Oct. 15 to comply with the directive.

    Tags: om99, airbus, EASA

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