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  • Learning From Aviation's Worst
    Posted by Sean Broderick 1:20 AM on Feb 10, 2011

    FAA has a tremendous lessons learned library online, and it got a little better this week with the addition of seven new modules, each one discussing a specific accident.

    One of the added modules is Delta 1288, the MD-88 that experienced an unconfined engine failure on takeoff at Pensacola on July 6, 1996. The module walks through all of the accident's aspects, from precursors to accident board findings, and illuminates key points with illustrations.

    The 60-odd modules cover all of the seminal, perspective-altering transport accidents of the jet age, including the de Havilland Comet in-flight break-ups (metal fatigue), TWA 2/United 718 (mid-air collision), Eastern 375 (bird strike), KLM 4805/Pan Am Flight 1736 (runway incursion), and myriad maintenance-related accidents, like JAL 123, Aloha 243, United 232, TWA 800, Swissair 111, and Alaska 232, to name a few.

    Here's a link to the complete list of accidents included in the database.

    Tags: om99, safety, FAA

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