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  • Air Canada Bypasses OEM for GE Engine Support
    Posted by Gail K. Warner 12:23 PM on Jul 23, 2010

    Air Canada has bypassed an OEM option and chosen AFI KLM Engineering & Maintenance to support its GE90-110/115 engines that power its fleet of 18 Boeing B777-200LR and-300ER aircraft. The 12-yeary contract spans adaptive maintenance solutions from on-site/on-wing operations to shop visits, engine components, spare engine support and engine engineering.  Air Canada will benefit from the solutions developed by AFI KLM Engineering & Maintenance to repair engines on-wing, thereby reducing the downtime of engines in the shop.

    Alan Butterfield, Vice President Air Canada Maintenance & Engineering stated,  “Over the past two years, AFI has demonstrated its capability to adapt to our demands, including shop visits, AOG assistance and on-wing support.”

    As an alternative to the OEMs, AFI KLM Engineering & Maintenance continues to develop specific processes, repairs and tooling to efficiently manage aftermarket care of GE90-110/115 engines. 

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