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  • An Abundance Of Caution: EASA Proposes Dassault 7X Mods
    Posted by Sean Broderick 2:20 PM on Mar 02, 2010

    EASA has proposed ordering operators of many Dassault 7Xs to modify wiring and hydraulic lines that may be too close to surrounding structure.

    EASA notes that while Dassault has identified the problem and issued two service bulletins addressing it, no in-service incident has been reported. Nevertheless, notes EASA, "there is no certainty that the minimum clearances would be maintained over time." 

    Affected operators would have 10 months or 650 flight hours to do the work.

    Read proposed EASA AD 2010-0029 here.

    Tags: om99, Dassault, EASA

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