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  • FAA, AAR Landing Gear Reach Deal on Suspended Certificate
    Posted by Frank Jackman 6:32 PM on Feb 17, 2009

    AAR Landing Gear Services in Miami could get its FAA repair station certificate back as soon as Friday if it can meet the terms of a consent order the two parties signed a few days. FAA issued an emergency order suspending AAR Landing Gear's certificate on Feb. 10 because, the agency said, the company did not follow OEM maintenance manual procedures for conducting liquid penetrant NDT, shot peening and cadmium plating before returning to service a variety of landing gear parts. The consent order requires AAR Landing Gear to meet a number of conditions, including enhanced employee training, extensive FAA technical review and using both liquid penetrant and magnetic particle NDT when looking for corrosion. The consent order terminates the FAA's Emergency Order of Suspension.

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