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  • Latest on FAA Reauthorization
    Posted by Elyse Moody 2:01 PM on Jul 29, 2010

    Adrian's got the latest on Hill activity regarding the FAA reauthorization bill over on Things With Wings. (You can also read his full news story here.) As he reports, the House has proposed a one-month extension, and the Senate likely will follow.

    They have to come to agreement on something before the end of the week, since the prior extension of FAA's operating authority lapses on Aug. 1, and the House starts the August recess on Monday. (The Senate follows with its own break the next week.)

    As Adrian points out, this doesn't exactly bode well for the long-delayed legislation.

    So is there a chance the bill could still be passed in September? Yeah, but the prospects were not improved by today’s activity.

    You can listen to the webcast announcing the House's proposed extension here.

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