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  • Frontier Can Outsource Heavy Maintenance, Judge Says
    Posted by Frank Jackman 3:42 PM on Nov 03, 2008

    A federal judge in Frontier Airlines' chapter 11 bankruptcy case ruled Friday that the airline can outsource heavy airframe maintenance, according to a press release issued early this morning by the Teamsters, the union that represents the carrier's mechanics and material specialists. The Teamsters stressed, however, that the judge made clear in his decision that the carrier can outsource the work only after it has exhausted all other options. Apparently, Frontier, which operates a fleet of A318s, A319s and A320s, wants to send its airframe checks to Aeroman in El Salvador. I put in a call this morning to the Teamsters to get more info, but haven't heard anything back yet. I'm assuming they are all going to be pretty tied up over the next two days with last minute get out the vote and campaigning activities in light of tomorrow's national elections here in the U.S.

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