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  • Singapore Air & Airbus Sign a Threepeat
    Posted by Gail K. Warner 12:28 PM on Oct 05, 2010

    Call it a "threepeat," or a contractual version of a hat trick... Singapore Airlines (SIA) just signed a six-year, flight hour services -- tailored support package contract with Airbus covering full component support, line and base airframe maintenance and fleet technical management services for five A340-500 ultra long-haul all business-class aircraft.  Thw contract builds on two existing FHS delivery commitments to SIA: an A330 FHS-TSP agreement signed in 2008, and an A380 FHS components support agreement signed in 2007.

    Under the terms of the agreement Airbus will procure MRO services from SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC). SIAEC is a member of the Airbus MRO Network.

    “This repeat FHS order reiterates SIA’s confidence in Airbus’ FHS achievements. Through the delivery of our services, we are committed to drive maximum efficiency of Singapore Airlines’ A340-500 operational reliability,” said Didier Lux, Airbus’ executive vice president, customer services.

    “Our A340-500 ultra long-haul all business class fleet requires undisputed passengers’ satisfaction based on absolute fleet reliability. The exceptionally high performance today of our A330 fleet under FHS-TSP gives us confidence to apply this successful concept to our A340-500 fleet,” said Mervyn Sirisena, Singapore Airlines’ senior vice president engineering.

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