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  • Field Feedback Leads To Quick EASA AD Cancellation
    Posted by Sean Broderick 12:17 PM on Jul 15, 2009

    Some alert feedback from the field and quick action by both Airbus and EASA led to this interesting AD cancellation notice issued today by the regulator.

    At issue was a fuel tank system safety-related fix recommended by Airbus (part of the OEM's SFAR 88 review work) and mandated earlier this month by EASA. The fix involved installing new fuel tank level sensors to help mitigate the risk of a short-circuit in the Airbus A300-600-series fuel level system's harness creating an ignition source by overheating the existing in-tank sensor.

    Following issuance of EASA's AD, Airbus got word from the field that its recommended fix was problematic, EASA said in today's notice, "because  some sensors interfere with a fuel pipe at connector level." Airbus is looking at alternative repairs; EASA urged operators to stand down and await the new service instructions and related AD.


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