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  • Comparing 787 and 737NG Data #MROAM
    Posted by Elyse Moody 3:17 PM on Apr 12, 2011

    Boeing Commercial Aviation Services VP Fleet Management Jay Maloney explained today Boeing's expanded GoldCare offering for the 737NG. One of the major advantages Boeing touts for the comprehensive service/support package is data management -- optimizing fleet performance, especially for the low-cost carriers operating 5-15 aircraft.

    Maloney broke down different types of data each aircraft collects. The 787, he explains, goes beyond the 737NG's systems monitoring capabilities. Boeing engineers (or customers) can write code to track performance in specific ways.

    For example, he says, the 787 will do a more comprehensive job tracking how aircraft are being serviced at the gate -- fueling and cargo handling operations, for example.

    "It's more like OnStar for your car," he says.

    The 737NG records several thousand parameters of data per second, he says.

    The 787 will record several tens of thousands of parameters of data per second.

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