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  • Hamilton Sunstrand's Reaction to Boeing's Dreamliner MRO Checkmate
    Posted by Gail K. Warner 7:42 PM on Nov 08, 2010

    Late last week I reported Boeing’s rather checkmate-like move to lock up Dreamliner aftermarket work in long-term contracts covering components such as Hamilton Sundstrand’s variable frequency starter generators and auxiliary power units.   Hamilton-Sundstrand, the largest systems supplier on the platform, is undaunted and excited by the platform’s approach to service.  The company offers a similar plan for its customers dubbed “C.A.R.E.”

    Boeing’s newly announced exchange program is available to support initial entry into service for 787 operators – a first.  The program manages configuration, warranty and reliability for the covered parts, freeing the airline to focus on passengers and the operation of the aircraft.

    With the Boeing 787 Rotable Exchange Program, the airline removes a part from the airplane and ships it for exchange with a new unit from Boeing's exchange pool. Boeing plans to support up to 600 high-value rotable parts.





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