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  • Imagine Being Subjected to Hours of In-Flight Yanni!
    Posted by Gail K. Warner 12:15 PM on Oct 19, 2010

    Here’s my slightly existential question for the day… do we really want to hear our coworker’s cool jams playlists?  Now you really can’t use a flight as an excuse to be blissfully out of pocket for a few hours regardless of whether you’re PC or Mac thanks to Flight Display Systems’ iPad Arm Mount upgrade. Business jet passengers can now watch movies, play games, and even share their  iTunes library across the aircraft cabin speaker system.  Their removable arm mount is a drop-in replacement for hundreds of existing Flight Display Systems products that have been installed on: Gulfstream; Falcon; Hawker; Challenger; Pilatus; and Citation aircraft.

    blog post photo

    Photo courtesy:  Flight Display Systems – Subject your coworkers to hours of Yanni!

    “An easy-to-install, iPad Arm Mount has been the most-requested new product from our customers,” said David Gray, President of Flight Display Systems. “With almost 10 million iPads sold in 2010, we see this as a massive shift towards carry-on in-flight entertainment.”

    To see a live demo at NBAA today stop by Room B207 at 10:00 a.m.

    What would be the most embarrassing song on your iPad?  In the interest of full disclosure let me tell you mine.  It's a tie between "Love Song" by Tesla and "Brimful of Asha" Fatboy Slim remix of Cornershop.  Rock on?  


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