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  • New Online AD Search Features
    Posted by Elyse Moody 4:11 PM on Aug 11, 2009

    FAA has redesigned its website to make it more user-friendly -- including overhauling its airworthiness directives search feature.

    It aims to make looking up ADs easier by adding a "magnifying glass" icon on its homepage that links to the AD search function, so that you can look up ADs directly from the FAA homepage.

    The new icon is located under the orange Regulations & Guidelines section on the right-hand side of the page and looks like this:

    blog post photo

    As you can see, FAA added these magnifying glass search icons for ACs and Orders & Notices as well.

    In addition, you now can search for text in the body of the AD as well as in its title. You also can limit your search to a particular product type -- engines or aircraft, for example -- and conduct a true "browse by appliance" search, FAA says.

    Its search box also displays a drop-down list of matching ADs as soon as you start typing. For example:

    blog post photo

    You can either pick an AD from this drop-down list or click "search" to see a full list of results. 

    Do you find it easier to access information after these changes? Have further ideas for improvement? You can provide FAA with feedback on these changes by submitting comments here

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