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  • Q400 Gear Inspection Update: Twitter Knows
    Posted by Sean Broderick 1:13 AM on Jan 21, 2011

    Interesting PR tack taken by Bombardier following this week's release of an emergency AD ordering landing gear checks. The company is talking to reporters about the issue, but the only published information issued by the company has come via its Twitter account.

    Earlier today, Bombarier reported that "80% of Q400 inspections are complete."

    A follow-on tweet noted that, while the headlines kicked in following the AD's issuance, it was actually the company itself that "issued the call for fleet-wide inspections" and that the issue hasn't caused any incidents. Not a bad two-pronged stab by the OEM, positioning itself as being out ahead of the problem while putting it into perspective in terms of actual in-service fall-out.

    Later, Bombardier fired off tweets underscoring its commitment to safety (nothing original here, but not a bad message to convey on the heels of the more substantive statements), and touting the Q400's order and operational history.

    Everyone everywhere in the corporate world is trying to figure out how best to use social media tools like Twitter to convey useful information and/or support specific PR, marketing and/or customer service goals. Bombardier's effort here may not break new ground, but the company should be commended for using a very visible and influential channel to acknowledge a major (in aviation trade press-land, at least) story as well as provide useful information and context.

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