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  • ARSA On EASA ICA Harmonization Meeting
    Posted by Sean Broderick 8:11 PM on Feb 02, 2010

    Some worth-browsing notes here on a recent gathering of international aviation officials  to discuss EASA's harmonization of Instructions for Continued Airworthiness. The meeting was hosted by EASA and, according to ARSA, standing room-only. A nugget:
    One of the main points discussed was determining the relationship of component maintenance manuals (CMM) to the ICA. Currently, CMMs (which provide instructions for maintaining a component in the shop) are not required to be included in the ICA; however, Type Certificate (TC) and Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) holders can incorporate them if desired. A disconnect arises because EASA rules require that holders of European Technical Standard Order Authorizations (ETSOA) and repair design approvals must also create maintenance manuals or ICA while component suppliers to TC/STC holders do not. If a decision is made to include CMMs under the ICA umbrella, EASA would have to determine which party would be responsible for preparing them – the TC/STC holder or the manufacturer of the component.
    ARSA, no stranger to the ICA issue, has plenty more on the meeting.

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