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  • FAA's Proposed Boeing Fine: 23 Issues On 9 777s
    Posted by Sean Broderick 6:34 PM on Jun 27, 2011

    Below are a few below-the-fold details on FAA's proposed $1.05 million penalty against Boeing for allegedly failing to fix a "known problem" on its 777 production line.

    First, the background: FAA inspected nine 777s from April to October 2010 and found improperly installed spacers in the oxygen delivery system distribution tubing. According to the civil penalty letter sent to Boeing on June 3, there were a total 23 improper installations. Explained FAA:

    In each case...Boeing installed a spacer or spacers other than as specified in the [Installation Plan] order for the particular location. Some of these spacers caused excessive angularity in the adjacent tee-fitting installation.

    Each instance received one shop and one quality acceptance stamp certifying it to be acceptable, adding up to 46 alleged violations of 14 CFR 21.165(a), which applies to the 777 production certificate even though it no longer exists.

    The problems were found on aircraft line numbers 860 (four incorrectly installed spacers); 864 (four); 871 (two); 887 (two); 891 (two); 898 (two); 901 (two); 902 (two) and 905 (three), the FAA letter said.

    According to this (unofficial) source, eight of nine affected aircraft are 777-300 variants.

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