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  • ARSA Boss On Repair Station Security Rule
    Posted by Sean Broderick 2:21 PM on Dec 11, 2009

    ARSA Executive Director (and de facto federal watchdog on behalf of the MRO industry) Sarah MacLeod offered her first-glance take on TSA's proposed repair station security rule. Writing in ARSA's members-only hotline newsletter, MacLeod notes:
    [T]he agency’s proposal acknowledges that the industry is diverse and the security risks also vary substantially. On the other hand, it will require repair stations to “use the TSA standard repair station security program”. While no program is made available (since one has not been developed and would not likely be released because it would be considered “security sensitive information” if it had been), proposed section 1554.103 sets forth the “measures” that “must” be included regardless of the risk. It is imperative that the industry point out the true risk of the particular rating and work being performed with respect to each “measure” required.
    MacLeod urged industry to file comments to the rule's docket, but said comments must be more than complaints if they are to help shape the final rule. Good comments, she noted, will reiterate the agency's stated objective, and suggest additions to or deletions from the rule's language that will meet that objective.

    More from ARSA on the rule here.

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