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  • NTSB To Aid UAE Crash Investigation
    Posted by Elyse Moody 4:22 PM on Sep 07, 2010

    The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is sending an investigation team to help the U.A.E. in its efforts to figure out what happened with the UPS Boeing 747-400 that crashed shortly after takeoff from Dubai Airport on Sept. 3.

    (Note: this is the old Dubai airport -- not Al Maktoum, the new one that opened for cargo operations earlier this summer.)

    NTSB's team is headed up by senior air safety investigator Bill English. It includes human performance, fire, operations and systems experts, in addition to technical advisors from the FAA, Boeing, UPS, GE Aviation and the Independent Pilots Association.

    Check out my colleague Jens Flottau's story on AviationWeek.com for more details on the accident itself, which he points out is the second fatal crash of a 747-400 following the Oct. 31, 2000, crash of a Singapore Airlines aircraft on takeoff in Taipei.
    blog post photo[Photo credit: Mosab Omar/Reuters via the Vancouver Sun]

    According to the Aviation Safety Network's account, the UPS crash is the:
    • 49th loss of a Boeing 747
    • 24th worst accident involving a Boeing 747 (as of Sept. 7, 2010)
    • 9th worst accident in the U.A.E. (as of Sept. 7, 2010)

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