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  • Watch Video Case Studies from Realization's Project Flow
    Posted by KristinMajcher 9:18 PM on Feb 27, 2012

    Project management firm Realization has posted video presentations from its Project Flow 2011 conference in Nov. For those of you interested in commercial MRO, check out Lufthansa Technik's improvement metrics garnered by using critical chain project management and Delta Tech Ops' John Laughter talk about reducing cancellations from 2010-2011 for both base and line maintenance. Spirit AeroSystems also has an interesting one about reducing cycle times for two new pylon programs.

    blog post photo
    Screenshot from Delta TechOps' video presentation at Project Flow 2011

    Military MRO enthusiasts should check out the presentation from the Fleet Readiness Center East at Cherry Point, which focuses on reducing H-46 and H-53 turnaround times.

    To learn more about how Realization's  philosophy on how to improve projects, read Michael Mecham's Things With Wings blog post for a refresher or an introduction. 

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