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  • ARSA On Material PMAs
    Posted by Sean Broderick 11:12 PM on Nov 15, 2011

    True or false: under its regulations, FAA can issue PMAs for consumable materials.

    The answer depends on one's point of view. FAA clearly believes it can, because it has. ARSA, in a typically detailed letter (.pdf), argues that it can't.

    A sampling of ARSA's argument:
    Issuance of a PMA for a material is extremely misleading; it indicates that the material is an "approved replacement" for something that is, first, not a part, and second, cannot be used without the use of appropriate methods, techniques and practices.
    ARSA has asked FAA for some guidance on the matter. Oh, and those existing PMAs for things like sealants? ARSA respectfully requests they be pulled.

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