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    Posted by KristinMajcher 7:29 PM on Nov 21, 2011

    Many aircraft components are pretty easy to visualize. Passengers sit inside of the cabin, the cabin is contained by the fuselage, and the engine powers the whole thing. But try explaining what a nacelle is to an aircraft novice and memorizing all of its parts, and you may have a bit of thinking to do. Want to become even more confused? Try drawing a picture of it. This task reminds me of a dreaded high school anatomy exam I once had to take. The test required labeling a skeleton’s unmarked femur, tibia and other body parts for credit, and I could not have studied enough for it.

    First Wave, an MRO headquartered in Okla., has done a great job of creating an interactive web site that makes the process of understanding nacelle repair a whole lot easier. Just go to the right box on the site that shows the categories for First Wave’s MRO capabilities, and click on one of the pictures. I chose the photo of the support assembly, which took me to the “select a nacelle” window.

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    Let’s say I choose the first option, the GE CF6-50 nacelle. Here you will see all of these pieces of metal spread out. Now, if you’re an MRO pro, you’ll probably be able to name them off the bat. But if you’re not, hover your mouse over the component that you’d like to learn more about. It will turn blue and then open a new window when you click on it.

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    Here we see the component I chose-the inlet cowl. In the white box, First Wave gives a standard description of all of the repairs that it can perform for this piece of the nacelle. It is a great way to both learn about the anatomy of an aircraft and the types of services that the MRO offers at the same time.

    First Wave also has drop-down menus for airframe components and interiors components that are just as informative and fun to play with. Go ahead and explore—even the MRO experts may learn something new. 

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