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  • Ameco's Interiors Biz Underway #MROA
    Posted by Lee Ann Tegtmeier 9:25 AM on Nov 14, 2012

    Ameco Beijing's new business jet and airline interior modification service is open for business now that its new interior workshop is ready. The MRO signed a memorandum of understanding with Greenpoint Technologies, a VIP completions company based in the Seattle area, in June to cooperate in interior engineering, installation and certification projects. The companies appear to still be at the MOU stage.

    An Ameco representative told me today at MRO Asia that the Beijing-based MRO has watched Lufthansa Technic's impressive VIP completions business and sees this as a lucrative area in which to expand.

    Ameco also announced today that it is in the process of upgrading 10 Boeing 777-200 cabins for Air China. It already has finished two and will do the others one at a time, with the last scheduled to finish in June. 

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