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  • Heard At NBAA
    Posted by Benet Wilson 6:57 PM on Oct 12, 2011

    Every year, I like to to a roundup of key quotes heard at the NBAA convention.  Below are the ones from the 2011 convention in Las Vegas.

    “2012 was to be the year. Now, it looks like [it will be] at least another year until things get better and probably a slower recovery over the mid-term than anyone anticipated.”
    --Bombardier Aerospace President and Chief Operating Officer Guy Hachey

    “In the future, [ABACE] will plant the idea that when [people] talk about business aviation, the first thing that comes to mind is Shanghai International airport.”
    --Jing Yi Ming, vice president of the Shanghai Airport Authority

    “We cannot sustain a company with one product.”
    --HondaJet CEO Mishimasa Fujino hinting about future company products

    “This is a great day for Eclipse Aerospace. We only acquired the assets [of Eclipse Aviation] two years ago. This will be the most advanced light jet in production. It will offer the best operating economics.”
    --Mason Holland, chairman and CEO of Eclipse Aviation

    “Surprisingly, we’ve already taken advanced bookings for the Olympic games. The orders for pre-paid slots have come from the U.S.”
    --TAG Farnborough Airport CEO Brandon O’Reilly

    “If this was just for charter, we wouldn’t have done it.”
    --Richard Gaona, president of Comlux the Aviation Group, on partnering with SuperJet International to launch the Sukhoi Business Jet

    “The OEMs will soon have to increase production for China, especially for large-cabin aircraft. Nobody was prepared for China -- just ask the high-end carmakers.”
    --Jason Liao, chairman and CEO of China Business Aviation Group

    “This is one of the first comprehensive health management systems for a civil airplane and a first for business jets.”
    --Lorraine Bolsinger, President and CEO of GE Aviation Systems, on the system being included on the Gulfstream G650

    “We have a few unique features that we’ve gone ahead with to validate those designs.   We can shape the blade differently at the root, so we can make gains in efficiency near the hub. We’ve been able to trade some efficiency improvement for robustness in the fan which is strengthened for resistance to foreign object damage (FOD).”
    -- Brad Mottier, GE Business and General Aviation vice president and general manager on the new Passport engine

    “They are conducting several certification tests and have technical challenges with ice ingestion tests. They have had minor damage to fan blades.”
    --HondaJet president and CEO Michimasa Fujino on the certification the HondaJet

    “We are still in the process of talking to our Chinese partner and the Chinese government and relevant authorities” to get approval to assemble Legacy business jets at Harbin Embraer. “If we do this, the target is the China market, but [we’re] not only limited to the China market. However, it depends on market approval.”
    --Guan Dongyuan, managing director, Embraer China

    “There are eight major manufacturers in this sector and we have dealt with all of them. We will now start to analyze more precisely what the best aircraft for China are and start to choose more precisely what aircraft our customers will need. The early business jet market in China was not so mature, with customers all showing a preference of large aircraft. We believe that as those customers start to use business aviation and understand it better, there will be a rise in demand for more midsize and short-range aircraft.”
    --Zhang Bo, vice president with responsibility for MSFL’s aviation business

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