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  • GE Honda engine to run soon
    Posted by John Morris 9:01 PM on Jul 30, 2009

    GE Aviation’s new entry into the light business jet arena, the 2,100 pounds thrust GE Honda HF120 business jet engine, will hit several milestones in the next few months as it prepares for first flight on a Citation CJ1 testbed and certification in late 2010.
    The first complete engine will be fired up for the first time “within a matter of weeks,” says GE Honda Aero Engines president Bill Dwyer, first flight will be before the end of the year, and plans call for building 13 production quality engines by the end of December.

    blog post photo

     HondaJet mockup at Oshkosh. Photo by John Morris

    “We’re very optimistic about this segment,” he says, despite the current collapse of the business jet market and delays to the HondaJet that the HF120 will power. Dwyer said the extra time will be spent verifying and validating the engine to ensure it will enter service with a TBO of 5,000 hours and no requirement for hot section inspections until TBO—properties he described as “revolutionary in this market space.
    By certification, some 15,000 cycles will have been completed on 13 test engines.
    GE is showing a mockup of the HF120 at Oshkosh, in a new stand on the other side of AeroShell Square from the mockup of the HondaJet. With Dwyer at the show is Masahiko Izumi, the new evp of GE Honda Aero Engines. Izumi-san, an expert on compressors and turbines, began working on the concept Honda jet engine some 20 years ago and is now heading the company that will build it.

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    The GE Honda and GE Walter stands at Oshkosh. Photo by John Morris on the A380 stairway provided by Atlantic Aviation. 

    Dwyer noted GE Aviation has an “amazing” presence at this year’s show: GE Honda and GE Walter are talking up their new general aviation engines, the A380 is powered by Engine Alliance GP7000 engines (EA is a 50-50 partnership between GE and Pratt & Whitney), and the C-5M Galaxy on display this weekend is powered by new CF6-80C2 engines.

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