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  • Ed Stimpson Way
    Posted by Kerry Lynch 2:10 PM on Mar 01, 2011

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    Photo Credit:  City of Boise

    Former GAMA President and U.S. Ambassador to ICAO Ed Stimpson continues to leave his mark, even after his passing in November 2009.  The Boise City Council in Idaho recently unanimously voted to change the name of an airport road in honor of Stimpson.  South Ulm Street, which connects Gowen Road to the new Boise Airport control tower, was renamed Ed Stimpson Way.“The aviation industry never had a better friend than Ed Stimpson, and neither did our city,” Mayor David Bieter says. “His accomplishments in the areas of public policy and economic development were many and profound. “

    Stimpson was named to the Boise Airport Commission in 2005.  He also has been inducted into the Idaho Aviation Hall of Fame. 

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