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  • The New CJs Turn 1,000
    Posted by Kerry Lynch 2:56 PM on Oct 29, 2012

    This year is turning into a milestone one for Cessna’s venerable CJ line.  It is preparing to reach a total of 1,000 units delivered for its CJ2+, CJ3 and CJ4 models combined.

    The CJ4 just reached the 100-aircraft market, and the CJ3 will reach 400 this quarter.  In addition the CJ2+ will top 500 this quarter.

    While Cessna reaches those milestones, the company is busy with more than a half-dozen upgrades or new products – at least those that it is publicly discussing.  In addition to its new clean-sheet designs for the mid-size Latitude and super-mid Longitude, the company is preparing next year to deliver its new Citation X – rebranded from the Ten that was rebranded from the X – and a newly unveiled Citation Sovereign.

    It also is testing the waters on a small jet -- details are still sketchy there, but it will be bigger than the Mustang -- and reviewing market research on a single turboprop concept.  If that wasn’t enough, Cessna’s putting a new Pratt & Whitney Canada engine on the Grand Caravan and that aircraft will be in customer hands by the end of the year.

    All of this continues while Cessna is weathering a soft market for mid-sized and light aircraft.  Cessna President and CEO Scott Ernest says the market continues to be a “spot market” with economic and political uncertainties continuing to keep buyers at bay. 

    But he is encouraged that the market will pick up long-term, spurring the significant investments that company continues to make in its new product.

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