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  • EAA Young Eagles auction raises $1.8 million
    Posted by John Morris 4:50 PM on Jul 31, 2009

    A whopping $1.8 million was raised at EAA’s Young Eagles gala dinner and auction last night, where industry captains, movie stars and aviation greats rubbed shoulders with 1,000 others who were lucky enough to be there.

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    Ford's special AV-X10 Mustang. Photo: Ford Motor Co. 

    Topping the auction results was Ford Motors’ one-only special edition AV-X10 Mustang, themed specially for Oshkosh as “Dearborn Doll.” The top scoring silent auction bid was $250,000.
    The jacket and shoes worn by US Airways Flight 1549 copilot Jeff Skyles when he and Capt. Chesley Sullenberger ditched their Airbus A320 in the Hudson River in February went for $38,000.

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    GE90 blades are now being sought as works of art. Photo: GE Aviation 

    And the art-follows-form fan blade from a GE90-115B turbofan engine (that powers the Boeing 777) fetched $30,000—a bargain compared with its catalog price of $80,000.

    EAA's Young Eagles program has now flown nearly 1.5 million kids for the first time under its mission to encourage interest in aviation. It also offers many other youth events and scholarships.

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