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  • Likely Partners Cool to Aerion
    Posted by Christopher Fotos 10:50 PM on May 13, 2009

    Earlier in the show we posted a brief report on Aerion. William Garvey, who unlike me is actually in Geneva, nosed around and filed the following:

    Aerion Corp., which is looking for a manufacturing partner to take its supersonic business jet design and develop, certify and build it, isn’t getting an eager reception among the established makers of business jets.

    The Aerion design centers on a supersonic natural laminar flow wing and a derivative of the Pratt & Whitney JT8D-219 turbofan engine. The company says the aircraft would be efficient at high subsonic speeds as well as at supersonic cruise – its max speed is 1.6 Mach -- thereby allowing it to operate where supersonic flight is prohibited, including over the United States.

    On Wednesday at EBACE, both Gulfstream and Bombardier said they were not interested in participating in the program; Dassault Falcon Jet said the same the previous day. The objections varied by manufacturer and included concerns over environmental and subsonic restrictions as well as overall program costs versus market potential.

    Nevertheless, Brian Barents, Aerion vice chairman, said his group has had “a lot of legitimate interest” from unnamed manufacturers and hoped to be able to form a partnership in the not too distant future.

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