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  • Robinson Wins AC Approval, To Spur R66 Orders
    Posted by George Larson 12:18 AM on Mar 08, 2011

    It's hot in Brazil without an air conditioning system aboard your R44. Most R66 turbine powered Robinsons are going to R44 owners who want to upgrade, so they're already spoiled by one of the best ACs in the industry, and Robinson knew they would not open their checkbooks until the system was FAA approved in the R66. The company announced FAA approval Friday.


    photo courtesy Robinson


    blog post photo


    The $23,000 option includes an overhead center-cabin console (photo) with vents for the seats on each side carrying 250 CFM total airflow. The system's capacity is 17,000 btus/hour, and it weighs 42 pounds while consuming only three hp, which the RR300 will never miss. It's a Freon-cycle system that's powered electrically, and a switch controls a two-speed fan. 


    R66 Turbines are now coming down the production line, and the first one equipped, which is at Heli-Expo, will go to Florida Suncoast, a Robinson dealer.

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