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  • Cirrus Prepares 'the-jet' for First Flight
    Posted by Graham Warwick 6:41 PM on Jun 29, 2008

    Cirrus Design has rolled out the first 'the-jet", as it calls its new single-engined personal jet - only the company's second all-new design and its first jet.

    blog post photo
    Photo: Cirrus Design

    Aircraft V1 - for 'Validation and Verification Prototype #001' - rolled out of the Cirrus Advanced Design Group's facility at Duluth International Airport - a former Northwest Airlines A320 maintenance hangar - on June 26. First flight can't be too far away.

    blog post photo
    Inside V1. Photo: Cirrus Design

    Although conceived independently, Cirrus's the-jet and the Eclipse 400 share the dorsal engine and V-tail configuration. This sets them apart for Diamond's D-Jet, which locates its single turbofan more conventionally, in the lower aft fuselage fed by side inlets.

    Planned for certification in 2010, and powered by a single Williams FJ33, the '5+2-seat" the-jet is deliberately designed to be a modest performer: max cruise c300 kt, max altitude 25,000 ft, range about 1,000 nm, and approach speed similar to the SR22. All for easy transition from Cirrus's piston singles.

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