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  • Swiss Sunshine
    Posted by William Garvey 12:31 PM on May 19, 2011

    The bright, sunny weather that has held throughout this year’s EBACE is hopefully a reflection of business aviation’s coming fortunes. In recent years, the weather often mirrored the industry’s dark and chilly mood.

    However, unintended consequences arrive even in buoyant settings, and so it was at yesterday’s Wings Club-Europe luncheon. Well sponsored and well attended, the lunch was held in a large hall in the Starling Hotel, which abuts the Palexpo property.

    First came the wine and champagne reception in a close, darkened room next to the dining area.

    When the bell rang, lunch-goers shuffled from the cool, dim reception area into wide, tall space seemingly ablaze with light. Turns out the dining hall had a glass panel roof and with the surprisingly bright sun almost directly overhead in a cloudless blue sky, the room was not only brilliant but toasty as well. As attendees began taking their seats, jackets got shed, ties loosened. Those that had them donned their sunglasses; those who did not were left to squint, their eyes watering.

    Only the line of tables closest to the reception room wall was in shadow, and that caused envy and calculation among those basking and then sweltering in the sun. How many minutes would pass before the sun’s movement caused the shadow to envelope your table? And then which luck, undeserving person at the table had chosen the west-most chair?

    By the end of the two-hour meal, only a few diners still remained in bright light, but the direct sunlight still poured on to the podium. The featured speaker was Dassault Falcon Jet’s John Rosanvallon, who stepped up into the bright light a bit damp and in shirtsleeves.

    His remarks were to the point, and brief – something everyone in the room could appreciate – and in the post-presentation Q&A session, not a single question was posed, something John no doubt appreciated as well.

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