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  • GE Aviation Uses Social Media To Build BizAv, GenAv Cred
    Posted by Benet Wilson 5:19 PM on Jul 26, 2011

    GE Aviation is using social media here at Oshkosh to introduce and strengthen its brand in the business and general aviation markets.

    “When GE was thinking about Oshoksh this year, we knew this was a different audience than the one we had for the Paris Air Show, so we wanted to think about what we wanted to share,” says Neil Siddons, who handles marketing and communications for GE Aviation. “We decided to go back to our brand, and focus on education rather than selling.  We wanted to share innovation and show what the brand s all about in business and general aviation.”


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    GE Aviation knew that people would be at Oshkosh with their mobile devices, says Siddons. “We saw the Twitter chatter for Oshkosh started a few weeks ago under the #OSH11 hashtag, and we wanted to be a part of that conversation, to share, engage and make it fun,” he explains.

    The company, housed in the Innovations Center, set up two interactive games (I played Terminal Manager, and I’m addicted), along with information about the technology and products it offers.  “We created a GE Aviation Oshkosh microsite, and we created Facebook pages for business and general aviation,” says Siddons.  “And for those who can’t be here, we’ve been livestreaming from the show on our Faebook page.”  The livestreaming gives everyone access to GE Aviation and it dries traffic to the website, he adds.

    GE Aviation began reaching out to aviation influencers a few weeks ago, giving them invitations to play their games at Oshksh, says Eden Zeek, the company’s digital marketing manager.

    GE Aviation also created a Foursquare account for Oshkosh, they’re given show tips, says Zeek. “We’re working with a company here called Local Response, so when people check in, we give them a map and ask them to come by our booth and meet us,” she says.  

    It’s been trial and error developing GE Aviation’s social media strategy, says Siddons. “It doesn’t cost a lot of money, so we can try and learn it fast and fail quick. You never know what’s going to stick,” he says.

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