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  • A New Approach To BizJet Buying
    Posted by Rupa Haria 2:13 PM on Jan 16, 2012

    The super wealthy passing through central London, where luxury brand stores are clustered around high-end hotels, have had no shortage of locations to spend their wealth. But ask Steve Varsano, and he would argue one crucial element was still missing: a store front for aircraft. 

    But the Belgravia businesses vying for the pounds, dollars, rubles, and dirhams of the mega-rich and ousted dictators, now have exactly that as “competition.” The Jet Business bills itself as the first branded independent, walk-in showroom for used aircraft. 

    Varsano has chosen a high profile address on Hyde Park Corner fronting Wellington Arch. His neighbours include the Lanesborough Hotel and Apsley House in an area that is one of the wealthiest in the world. 

    The showroom consists of two large windows looking onto Hyde Park corner – the first displays a large reception area where a screen 26.5ft x 9ft tall is used by Varsano and his team to present sales options to customers.  The second displays a full-scale mock up of an Airbus ACJ, fitted with the same luxury interiors one might find in a Bugatti or Maserati. Varsano has his office in the back of the ACJ fuselage along with a decked out boardroom. 

    Notably, the showroom is not just being used to attract passing custom. Varsano says he will offer the space to aircraft manufacturers as an event space for press launches and customer briefings. 

    In this wide-ranging video interview, Varsano tells me why he chose London for this venture, where he’s going next, and the business model for The Jet Business.

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