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  • Green Falcon
    Posted by Robert Wall 11:22 AM on Dec 30, 2008

    This artists concept was recently published by Dassault to illustrate a story in the "Dassault Magazine" on efforts to develop more environment friendly aircraft:

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    This would surely be the greenest Falcon. Whereas the company's other business jets are quite elegant, this concept is so ugly, nobody would ever want to fly in such an aircraft, making its carbon footprint near zero (aside from the not insignificant emissions used in production).

    But, of course, it is not meant to be a real airplane. It is just one of a million of these concepts that don't  show anything real and merely serve to highlight that a green aircraft could look very different from traditional designs. 

    The main point of the article, and a valid one to highlight, is that Dassault has a central role in Europe's 1.6 billion euro Clean Sky program. It leads the "eco-design" section of that program, largely because of its strong background in digital design and electronic product life cycle management, used extensively on the Falcon 7X for instance. The "eco design" subsection is focused on reducing the environmental impact during production through to end-of-life, as well as work toward the all-electric aircraft.

    [Photo: Dassault Aviation]

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