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  • Predictions of Eclipse's Demise Keep on Coming
    Posted by Graham Warwick 8:20 PM on Oct 28, 2008

    Another market analyst is forecasting production of the Eclipse 500 very-light jet will end in 2009 as the company fails to secure the investment needed to continue operations. In a report to be released in December, Forecast International predicts Eclipse Aviation "will be forced to cease production within the first quarter of 2009." In an October report Teal Group's Richard Aboulafia concluded "for now, our forecast calls for production to end in 2009." Alboulafia estimates Eclipse will deliver 65 aircraft in 2009 before closing its doors. Forecast analyst Douglas Royce predicts only about 12 Eclipses will make it off the line next year.

    In the midst of a global financial crisis, Eclipse is trying to secure $200-300 million in new capital to get production back up to speed in its bid to achieve profitability by the second quarter. Royce does not think the company will attract the investment necessary to continue production. Aboulafia doubts Eclipse can survive without going bankrupt and being bought by a large company that can revamp the business plan and production system. Meanwhile, the bidding goes on for the 28 ex-DayJet Eclipses, with OurPlane offering to buy them all for its fractional ownership program...

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